Fourth manuscript “finished”!

Just a quick update to say I’ve finished the first draft of my fourth manuscript. This one’s a young adult fantasy novel, and it’s been a lot of fun to write. I already know I need to make some pretty big changes before I try to sell it to anyone—basically, I need to spruce up the setting and organise scenes/events better—but I love the characters and their journeys.

I’d like to say I look forward to the rewrite but I totally don’t. I’m going to have to be so organised… there will be lists… ugh, no, I can’t think about this just now or my rough-draft-finished euphoria will straight up vanish. Suffice to say I’ve got plenty left to do when I come back to this draft in a month or two.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to celebrate, I offer up this occasion gladly.


    • Gavin, I won’t stand for you “taking the mickey” out of my “finished” draft. You’re meant to be “supportive”!

  1. Absolutely enjoy the feeling! Are we still allowed to look forward to the next version though??

  2. Well done Valerie !! we’re celebrating for you… and looking forward to a read of any draft you are willing to send…

    PS… your mum’s icon is hilarious … and such a good likeness 🙂


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