Welcome to my blog!

I’m Valerie, a Dutch/Scottish/American writer living in Dundee, Scotland. On this blog you’ll find writing and book talk mixed with personal updates… when I remember to post anything at all.

My writing/reading twitter is here!

Longer backstory:

My mum and dad are from Dundee. They moved to the Netherlands. They had my brother and me, learning Dutch along the way despite the fact that Dutch people insist on speaking English if they cordon onto your Anglo accent. I went to Dutch schools and spoke English at home… but rebelled against my cruel bilingual upbringing by only speaking Dutch for several important childhood phases. Harry Potter came along. Dutch books were about teens with drug problems and/or depression. English books were about magic, talking animals/trees, sword fights, etc. English revealed to be the superior language*. 

At 16 my family moved to the United States. Seeing American flags everywhere made me feel like I was in a movie. I was not in a movie. There was too much homework. Very few people cared who was homecoming and/or prom royalty.

Continued on to university in USA. Raised many Escherichia coli colonies for antisense antibiotic research. Was wholly unsuited for lab work. Acquired microbiology degree nonetheless.

Didn’t acquire job. Wrote some books. Wrote a lot of startlingly ridiculous fanfiction. Moved to Dundee with shorts-wearing American husband. (He still wears mostly shorts but is starting to come around to the idea of trousers.) Continued writing. Began co-authoring with delightful human being whose determination rivals the sun’s molten core for energy. Learned to like original writing again. Continued to have confusing international backstory. And then, importantly: updated this page. Woo!

* My scope was limited. It turns out that more than one language can be good and have value. Also, Thea Beckman with her books about Thule was an obvious exception and deserves to be mentioned.


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